Election 2019: Candidates’ proposals to tackle unemployment

Election is around the corner, and various political candidates have voiced out their plans and objective of addressing the high rate of unemployment in the country if they eventually emerge the winner. The current administration intends to expand on its established platforms such as the N-Power and the Anchor Borrowers’ Programme, and to focus on the tech and creative industries so as to create millions of employment for its teeming population. However, these current programmes still need to be assessed to determine if they are sufficient to have the desired impact. Take the N-power for example, where beneficiaries are trained but are not necessarily being absorbed into the organizations where they are trained, and are also not equipped with enough entrepreneurial skills to start up their own enterprises. The candidate from the major opposition party (for now) Mr. Atiku Abubakar has proposed solving the unemployment problem by launching a new Entrepreneurship Development and Job Creation Programme. This programme is to facilitate the emergence of an entrepreneurial class and establish training programmes linked to certain key sectors with the potential to lead to full-time and permanent employment. Regardless of who wins the presidential election, it is important that the programmes proposed are carefully thought out and that adequate monitoring and accountability measures are put in place in order to achieve the desired outcomes and impact.


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