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Public Policy Brief is a professional publication of Preston Consults that informs public policy analyses and choices. It is directed at an international readership among executives of public and private organizations, economists and social scientists in government, business, and international agencies, as well as in universities and development research institutions. The Brief provides short and insightful analyses of government policies and illustrates how, professional research can shed light on policy choices.


October 2020 Energy Subsidy Reforms in Nigeria- Getting it Right
September 2020 Building Resilience and Driving Transformation in the Health Sector, Policy Response to COVID19 in Nigeria.
August 2020 Driving Industrialization through Manufacturing Sector Growth - Policy Response to COVID-19 in Nigeria.
July 2020 Driving Economic Diversification through Mining Sector Growth- Policy Response to COVID-19 in Nigeria.
June 2020 Agricultural Policy Response to COVID-19 in Nigeria - Ensuring Selfm Sufficiency in Food Production and Building Strong Value Chains.
May 2020 Beyond COVID-19: The  Need for Bold Reforms to Deliver Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Nigeria
March 2020 COVID - 19 and the Looming Global Recession - Any Options for Nigeria.
February 2020 Nigeria's Rising Debt Profile: Warning Signs of an Impending Sovereign Debt Crisis.
January 2020 Early Passage of the 2020 Budget: Implications for the Nigerian Economy
December 2019 VAT increase: Implications for the Nigerian Economy.
November 2019 Nigeria's Rise in the Ease of Doing Business Ranking
Vol 5, Issue 4 Social Policy Expenditure in Nigeria: A look at Education and Health Sectors
Vol 5, Issue 3 Corruption: A Key Driver of Poverty in Nigeria
Vol 5, Issue 2 The Fragility of Nigeria's Economic Recovery
Vol 5, Issue 1 Late Passage of the Nigerian 2018 Budget: Issues and Impact
Vol 4, Issue 1 OGP in Nigeria: Bold Action for Transformative Results
Vol 3, Issue 1 Assessing The Realism and Implications of the 2017 Budget of Recovery and Growth
Vol 2, Issue 4 Can Nigeria Spend It's Way Out of Recession?
Vol 2, Issue 3 Policy Options for Addressing Nigeria's Economic Crisis
Vol 2, Issue 2 How GDP Rankings Mask the Gulf Between Nigeria and South Africa
Vol 2, Issue 1 Brexit's 3-Pronged Effect on Africa's Most Exposed Economies
Vol 1, Issue 5 A Perspective on the 2015 Appropriation Bill
Vol 1, Issue 4 Developing Nigeria through Infrastructure Financing
Vol 1, Issue 3 Affordable Housing for all, Brigding Nigerian's 17million units deficit
Vol 1, Issue 2 Will the Central Bank of Nigeria Speak Loudly and Clearly under Governor Emefiele
Vol 1, Issue 1 Nigeria's GDP Rebasing: Implications for Growth and Development

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