Monitoring And Evaluation

The need to obtain feedback on the progress of a project is essential to the success of the project. Good governance and the success of donor-funded development programmes depends on the use of well-designed, results-based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to measure performance and improve resource utilization.

Preston provides evaluations and impact analysis on projects executed by public organizations and international development firms, to help minimize the incidence of inefficiency in project processes and shortfalls in the project outcome, to track the progress of the projects, and to evaluate if project outcomes measure up to set targets and strategic objectives. Our M&E work seeks to ensure that resources invested into programmes have the impact that was intended. In doing this, we monitor, measure and interpret the performance and changes brought about by various programmes, as well as evaluate their impact.

Our M&E work also helps public administrations and development organizations learn about what works and what does not work, adjust their programs to meet planned objectives, and account for the outcomes and results achieved in order to apply new knowledge gained, incorporate lessons learned and make projects more efficient, sustainable and impactful. In addition, our work provides quality data and information on results and impact to project sponsors who seek to measure the effectiveness of foreign assistance and improve accountability of donor funding.

Our M&E Capabilities

Preston engages in active consultations with project teams and reviews existing programme documents of clients’ projects in order to understand clients’ proposed objectives and project design. In doing this, we clearly articulate the change desired out of an intervention, the process to attain that change, and develop comprehensive and functional M&E systems to track, measure and reflect on results.

We tailor our evaluation services to meet client and project needs and to ensure a best-fit evaluation that provides useful information for decision making and the best value for the client. Our specific M&E responsibilities include:

  1. Development of logical frameworks, monitoring frameworks and tools;
  2. Baseline, Mid-term (formative) and End-line (Summative) Evaluations;
  3. Needs Assessment;
  4. Impact Evaluations;
  5. Third-party Monitoring;
  6. Independent Verification of Processes and Results;
  7. M&E Policy Development;
  8. M&E System Audits and Data Quality Assessments; and,
  9. Provision of M&E-focused capacity development for M&E practitioners in our client organizations.