Whatever the economic climate,Preston Consults can help you maximize the potential value of your business, by advising and supporting you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our independent business and financial advisory services.

Account and Public Finance

In recent times, organizations have begun to appreciate the importance of the processes that lead to sound lending and investment decisions. This has brought to the fore the need for well-trained people who are equipped to spot and communicate all the possible risks and exposures effectively.
This course aims to address all the key areas of financial analysis from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Participants are trained to look beyond the figures presented and see the bigger picture




At Preston Consults we bring clarity to the complexity of global, national and sectoral economic and social problems through our leading independent research work. We have built a reputation for original and insightful analysis, a major part of which comes from regular publication of our Public Policy Briefs.

Our research work spans across various fields, sectors and thematic areas, including Health, Water and Sanitation, Agriculture, Extractive Industries, Education, Corruption, Energy, among many others. Our experts, who are very knowledgeable and experienced in the most up-to-date and relevant research in these areas, apply economic and econometric principles to data to help analyze issues, provide insights, and formulate practical, innovative solutions to these problems. We serve as economists, policy experts, and strategic advisers to a diverse clientele that includes non-profit organizations, federal government agencies, and other institutions that operate at the intersection of economics and public policy.

Preston’s research is guided by a set of core values, including diligence, thoroughness, accuracy, and research integrity. Our ability to solve problems at the forefront of public policy rests on our critical thinking, objectivity, independence of thought and ability to form mutually beneficial partnerships with other knowledge-generating bodies. Due to the caliber of our consultants, our research output is one of the most trusted source of analysis on issues at the forefront of public policy economics, and our advice drives public policy debate. Our research outputs are communicated in a clear, concise, and accessible manner through Public Policy Briefs, seminars, workshops and presentations.

Capacity Development

At Preston, we are able to provide expertise on a wide variety of relevant and pertinent subject matters. We offer a range of workable solutions that  produce the desired outcomes of growth, stability and a skilled workforce for businesses. Our approach is to tailor these solutions to meet each individual client's objectives.

Our extensive  portfolio of programmes, range from short term high impact courses to longer term development programmes.


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