Enterprise Development

Businesses need to remain competitive in the marketplace by constantly reassessing their value proposition in the light of ever-evolving market trends. To stay ahead, there is need to regularly feel the pulse of the market, and incorporate feedback into the corporate strategic direction. Businesses also need to regularly take stock of their capabilities in order to adapt to the dynamism of the industry in which they operate. Through the use of market assessments and surveys, Preston helps businesses gain insight into their markets, helping them make the critical strategic decisions that ensure their long-term survival.

Based on our understanding of critical market systems and the nuances of the local economy, we also help the government develop market-based approaches to empowerment programs. This approach focuses on longer-term employment and employability of programme beneficiaries. Taking an enterprise development approach to government intervention programmes helps to ensure that people are able to earn a living after the course of the programme, and that they are kept out of poverty. It also leads to long-term economic growth both for themselves, and their communities.

About us:

Preston Consults is a leading research and management consultancy firm that was incorporated with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission on July 26, 2011 (RC Number 967875). We are committed to providing rigorous analysis, policy advice, management technical assistance and training services to national and state governments, international development agencies, leading private sector organizations, and other public sector and non-government organizations. We are dedicated to developing pragmatic solutions that surpass the expectations of clients and enjoy an impressive reputation for providing productive customer-driven strategies and critical insights from an independent and objective perspective. In all these, we maintain high quality outcomes and ethical standards.

Preston Consults has a number full-time professional staff, with a vast network of consultants and associates spanning different parts of the globe. Our team comprises of enthusiastic, resourceful and dynamic professionals who draw on their vast knowledge of public sector governance, public policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation and research to develop insights and viable policies that promote the goals of our clients. Our clients face a mix of problems and opportunities. Preston becomes their partner, helping design, integrate and implement strategic insights to capture economic value. We believe in experimentation, innovation, risk taking, and most of all, we believe in people. Our entrepreneurial, high energy culture is the engine that helps drive our clients' success. Our people are teammates and friends, dedicated to building a unique business and a very special organization.

Ours is a well-recognized consultancy firm in undertaking developmental programs, having played major roles in donor-funded programs, and in Nigerian federal and state government programs.


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