Public Policy

Preston provides high quality public policy analysis, backed by rigorous research and evidence, to help governments and public sector organizations effectively analyze and choose between alternative policy options to yield the best outcome. Our work helps public sector officials set out a viable economic strategy, implement them and monitor them for full effect. We also conduct tailored analysis for private sector organizations, providing them with local, regional and national assessments of the impact of these policies, which underpin major business decisions.

Our highly experienced team works together to deliver insightful and innovative analysis of social and economic policies that affect growth and development, trade and industry, social welfare, infrastructure, government finances, markets and businesses.

Economic Policy Analysis

All businesses thrive on the economic environment in which they operate. It is therefore imperative to have a perfect understanding of the important policies that drive the economy and how they impact on business and society. We specialize in providing incisive research into economic trends. The results of our economic analyses ensure that our clients have the ability to stay ahead of the pack.

Fiscal Policy Analysis

Preston contributes to increasing the public understanding of issues related to fiscal policy and how it contributes to the stability of the macro-economy. It sheds light into the income generation and expenditure activities of the government, and how these affect different segments of the economy. We strive to give insight, through our research, into the sustainability of the government’s spending activities and its adequacy to provide public services for its citizens.

Monetary Policy Analysis

Our team is well equipped to provide valuable insights into monetary policy trends for both private and public institutions. Our analyses help provide invaluable advice on how these institutions can position themselves and align their strategic objectives to benefit from the broad monetary trends in the economy.

Social Policy Analysis

Preston helps private and public institutions assess the impact of social spending. The overall aim is to determine the impact of these social spending on the lives of citizens, and to recommend ways to tweak their strategies for greater social impact.

Health Policy Analysis

We employ a multidisciplinary approach in explaining the interaction between health institutions, special interests and theoretical constructs. Our experts review the health issue in question and analyze all the potential solutions to the problem through an in-depth and systematic analysis process. The goal is to enable policy makers select the most reasonable, efficient and effective means of addressing the problem.

Education Policy Analysis

Through our education policy analysis work, we seek to answer questions about the purpose of education, the objectives (societal and personal) that it is designed to attain, the methods for attaining them and the tools for measuring their success or failure. To achieve these we identify, brainstorm and research the key issues in education, then provide well-reasoned recommendations for the best policy solutions, clearly spelling out the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Agricultural Policy Analysis

Understanding how core issues (agricultural, environmental and macro-economic factors) will affect the agricultural economy does not have to be a guessing game. At Preston, we are our clients’ link to critical knowledge and policy analysis to help them understand the consequences of agricultural policies and economic conditions.